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Safe Connections provides the following services:


Supervised Visitation

This service is constant supervision in which one trained facilitator is supervising one family visit at a time. The visitor is required to follow rules and guidelines or the monitor may intervene as needed. This service also includes provisions for the safety and privacy of the transporting adult by staggering times of arrival, security cameras and adding security personnel as Safe Connections determines necessary.


Monitored Exchange

This service is the scheduling and supervision of exchanges of children between custodial and non-custodial parents. Facilitation of monitored exchanges ensures regular court ordered visitation without the adults having contact in front of the child. It is also our goal to provide safety for victimized parents from a continuation of controlling, manipulative or dangerous behavior.


For our Clients

       Use this link to access your participant file 

       through our secure database.


For Professional Service Providers

Use this link to access the login screen for our providers database.  Through this you may access records for your cases.

** If you are not set up to access, please contact the Case Manager.



Safe Connections does not make recommendations about changes in custody or the appropriateness of changing visitation arrangements.


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